Privacy Policy

When you contact Morgan Jupe your contact details may be stored on a database and used to inform you about Morgan Jupe and what we have to offer. We will never disclose any of your information to third parties without your express consent.

If you do not wish your details to be held, or you do not wish for us to contact you about Morgan Jupe offers, please state so when contacting us.

When you follow links to external websites from this website you are leaving Morgan Jupe. We cannot be held responsible for the content of those websites or their privacy practices. We recommend you consult their privacy polices for information regarding this. We do not endorse or make any representations about third-party websites.

When you make a booking with Morgan Jupe you are required to supply information over the internet and via email; this information will be held on record indefinitely and the personal information contained may be used in any future bookings that you make with us.