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Winter 2016/17

All of our chalets are available for exclusive occupancy; outside of the peak season our chalets are also available on a per-room (shared occupancy) basis. We operate Sunday to Sunday but short breaks are available throughout January and February, please enquire for more information.

For any queries on prices or availability please call Jess on +44 (0)7739 692 908

   Exclusive OccupancyAvailability
(£GBP)Nights(Fully Catered)
DECEMBERThur 15th Dec31,680fully booked
Sun 18th Dec42,240fully booked
Thur 22nd Dec75,840fully booked
Thur 29th Dec78,800fully booked
JANUARYThur 5th Jan32,480fully booked
Sun 8th Jan74,880fully booked
Sun 15th Jan74,880fully booked
Sun 22nd Jan74,880fully booked
FEBRUARYSun 29th Jan75,840fully booked
Sun 5th Feb76,880fully booked
Sun 12th Feb79,840fully booked
Sun 19th Feb77,840fully booked
MARCHSun 26th Feb76,880fully booked
Sun 5th Mar76,880fully booked
Sun 12th Mar75,840fully booked
Sun 19th Mar75,840fully booked
Sun 26th Mar75,840fully booked
APRILSun 2nd Apr77,840fully booked
Sun 9th Apr77,360available
   Exclusive OccupancyShared OccupancyAvailability
(£GBP)Nights(Fully Catered)(Fully Catered)
DECEMBERThur 15th Dec32,400240fully booked
Sun 18th Dec43,400340fully booked
Thur 22nd Dec78,950895fully booked
Thur 29th Dec711,750n/afully booked
JANUARYThur 5th Jan33,400340fully booked
Sun 8th Jan76,750675fully booked
Sun 15th Jan76,750675fully booked
Sun 22nd Jan76,950695fully booked
FEBRUARYSun 29th Jan77,750775fully booked
Sun 5th Feb78,750875fully booked
Sun 12th Feb79,950n/afully booked
Sun 19th Feb79,750n/afully booked
MARCHSun 26th Feb78,750875fully booked
Sun 5th Mar78,250825fully booked
Sun 12th Mar77,750775fully booked
Sun 19th Mar77,500750fully booked
Sun 26th Mar77,500750fully booked
APRILSun 2nd Apr78,750n/afully booked
Sun 9th Apr78,250n/afully booked
   Exclusive OccupancyAvailability
(£GBP)Nights(Self Catered)
DECEMBERThur 15th Dec3980fully booked
Sun 18th Dec41,305fully booked
Thur 22nd Dec73,990fully booked
Thur 29th Dec75,700fully booked
JANUARYThur 5th Jan31,140fully booked
Sun 8th Jan72,660fully booked
Sun 15th Jan72,855fully booked
Sun 22nd Jan72,850fully booked
FEBRUARYSun 29th Jan73,420fully booked
Sun 5th Feb74,180fully booked
Sun 12th Feb75,890fully booked
Sun 19th Feb75,510fully booked
MARCHSun 26th Feb73,990fully booked
Sun 5th Mar73,990fully booked
Sun 12th Mar73,420fully booked
Sun 19th Mar73,425fully booked
Sun 26th Mar73,420fully booked
APRILSun 2nd Apr74,370available
Sun 9th Apr73,610available
   Exclusive OccupancyAvailability
(£GBP)Nights(Self Catered)
DECEMBERThur 15th Dec3600fully booked
Sun 18th Dec4800fully booked
Thur 22nd Dec71,800fully booked
Thur 29th Dec72,500fully booked
JANUARYThur 5th Jan3600fully booked
Sun 8th Jan71,200fully booked
Sun 15th Jan71,200fully booked
Sun 22nd Jan71,400fully booked
FEBRUARYSun 29th Jan71,600fully booked
Sun 5th Feb71,800fully booked
Sun 12th Feb72,500fully booked
Sun 19th Feb71,800fully booked
MARCHSun 26th Feb71,800fully booked
Sun 5th Mar71,600fully booked
Sun 12th Mar71,400fully booked
Sun 19th Mar71,400fully booked
Sun 26th Mar71,400available
APRILSun 2nd Apr71,800available
Sun 9th Apr71,400available

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Discover our Flexi Catered Package

Flexi catering is a more casual version of our fully catered package: we remove the evening meals, paired wines with dinner and cooked breakfast. We retain the driving service, the daily housekeeping and a hosted breakfast and afternoon tea every day of the week. 

We’ve designed this package to be as flexible as possible … In essence it’s a luxury self-catered option with all of our services on demand … You can add-on evening meals, provided by a dedicated chalet chef on any number of evenings; choose to eat out as much or as little as you like and choose to cook for yourselves when you’re in the mood. We will do your shopping for you, provide beers and wines on request and even collect your takeaway pizzas if that’s what you’re after!

Included as standard:

  • Continental breakfast provided by the chalet host, every day of the week
  • Afternoon tea every day of the week
  • Chauffeur service 8am – 8pm every day, with your own dedicated driver
  • A selection of house wines, beers and soft drinks

Options (at additional cost):

  • A range of more indulgent breakfast options, prepared by one of our chalet chefs
  • Gastronomic evening menus with or without paired wines
  • Fridges and cupboards stocked with groceries, speciality beers and wines from our extensive list

NB. Flexi catering is currently only available in Chalet Chardon.

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Price Options

Exclusive Occupancy

Exclusive occupancy prices are for full use of the chalet by one group. Maximum group sizes are indicated above; a supplement is payable for group sizes larger than these.

Shared Occupancy

Shared occupancy prices are based on two adults sharing a bedroom; a 50% supplement applies for single-occupancy of any bedroom (other than a single bedroom).

Child Rates

Children (14 years and younger) enjoy a 50% reduction in the per person price. Infants (4 years and younger) who are sharing a bedroom with adults are free of charge.

Booking Procedure
Before making a booking please check availability by calling Jess on +44 (0)7739 692 908. Please also read our terms and conditions (by submitting a booking form and making payment you agree that you have read and accept our terms and conditions). You may then make a booking online, as follows:

  • Please complete the booking form by clicking here.
  • Please make payment of the deposit or full balance (depending on the time of booking). You can pay online here.
  • We will confirm your reservation once we have received your booking form and payment.
Cancellation Policy
The booking may only be cancelled by written notification (email or post) from the group leader. Upon receipt of written notification of cancellation, Morgan Jupe will issue a confirmation of cancellation and the following refund policy will apply:

  • If the cancelled period is booked by a new client, at the same price, the total amount paid will be refunded, less an administration fee of £80, to the group leader;
  • If the cancelled period is booked by a new client at a discounted rate, the total amount due for the booking less the difference payable by such new client will be refunded and less the administration fee to the group leader;
  • If the cancelled period is not re-booked, then no refund of any payments in respect of the booking will be due.

Cancellation due to events beyond control of the group, such as cancelled flights, will be subject to the same refund policy as above. For full terms and conditions, please click here.

We believe clients should be rewarded for their loyalty and for making advanced reservations so we don’t offer last-minute discounts but our loyalty programme aims to reward your decision to return to Morgan Jupe …
Re-bookings Clients who book another holiday with us while they are in residence will receive a 20% discount. This applies to bookings for later in the same season or the following winter season. This applies to exclusive occupancy bookings only. We must receive a deposit before your departure.
Returning clients As a returning client you are entitled to a 10% discount when re-booking at any time. This offer cannot be combined with any other.

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