Natural wine has taken the market somewhat by storm recently as the we have all become increasingly concerned with our health and what we consume. Much more than just organic, natural wine is made only with ingredients which come directly from the vineyard itself, the intention being that the finished product is a true representation of the specific “terroir” in a specific year. Find out more about the characteristics of natural wine here.

We have been tasting lots of it recently at various wine fairs across London and although we like the idea of drinking wine with no added preservatives, sulphites or artificial ingredients, we’re not quite sure we’re fans of the way it tastes!

We have found a couple of varieties from small producers in Italy and France that are really quite delicious but we’re sad to say that most of the natural wines we have tasted are rather unpleasant. Very cloudy in appearance and quite pungent on the nose, the white wines tend to taste more of cider and the reds lack body and depth of flavour.

So it’s not a bandwagon that we’re going to be jumping on straight away but it’s definitely an interesting topic and something that we’d recommend you all try when you have the opportunity!

If you’re keen to find out which wines we do like, have a look at our chalet wine list here!